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Desktop Application

Note that for MacOS you need Java 1.7 (Java 7) or better. Please upgrade and make it your default Java for applications. The Mac OS X version comes as a bundle and behaves like any Mac OS X application.


Open the downloaded DMG file then drag and drop the application into the Application folder. If you don't have administrator right any other folder will do as well. Optional you can drag and drop the icon to the Dock as well.


Just drag and drop the application into the trash can.

FA-1 Cassette Interface

On Mac OS X the programs and data are stored as normal files in “/Users/username/FX-602P/” with username being your own user name.

Force a display size.

Normally the display size is chosen automatically for your from three different sizes. However you can force a specific size by opening the “/Users/username/FX-602P/fx-602p.properties” file and adding (or changing if already added) the following line:

Line to addSize of Calculator
Resolution=qvgaSmall 240×320
Resolution=nhdMedium 360×640
Resolution=wvgaLarge 480×800

The size if for the background graphic only, the actual Window will be larger.

Picture 1: WVGA mode

Picture 3: NHD mode

Picture 4: QVGA mode

Screen shots for the debugger windows