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Install a Jave-Runtime-Environment if you have not done so already. Copy the “Desktop” jar file anywhere. A double click on the jar's icon will start the application.


Just delete the Jar file.

FA-1 Cassette Interface

On Windows the programs and data are stored as normal files in “C:\Documents and Settings\username\FX-602P\”1 before Vista and in “C:\Users\username\FX-602P\” in Vista and beyond.

Force a display size.

Normally the display size is chosen automatically for your from three different sizes. However you can force a specific size by opening the “C:\Users\username\FX-602P\fx-602p.properties” file and adding (or changing if already added) the following line:

Line to addSize of Calculator
Resolution=qvgaSmall 240×320
Resolution=nhdMedium 360×640
Resolution=wvgaLarge 480×800

The size if for the background graphic only, the actual Window will be larger.

Picture 1: WVGA mode

Picture 3: NHD mode

Screen shots for the debugger windows