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FX-602P at Wikipedia

A short entry.

FX-602P at FaceBook

A FaceBook group.

FX-602P on frickelfritze

Some FX-602P programs and the home of wav2bin a helpful program to analyse old cassette interface date and then convert them

List of Alpha and Token Code (German). While those list have now been superseded by lists available here without them I would not have know where to start.

FX-602P on Tony's Tachenrechner-Sammlung

Technical description, link collection. Mostly showing a slide show of his great collection.

FX-602P Page on (Miyahara's) :

Hints on Synthetic Programming, available in English and Japanese.

Vintage programmable calculators

Description of Character and keyword codes, The Expansion Port, The FA-2 Cassette Interface and an Serial and printer interface for the FX-602P calculator

silrun Systems - The home of programmable C… pocket calculators

Original FX-602P Manuals in several languages.

fx-602p on voidware

General description by voidware - includes a hint on how to crack the password protection. The site also has some forensic tests.

(Programmable) calculators, esp. the FX-602P and HP-41CX

Contains some interesting speed tests for various calculators.

fx-602p on Ernst Mulder's Calculator Collection

Hints on Synthetic Programming, Bugs and Password cracks.

The FX-602P calculator on pocket computer museum

Some Technical Specification.

FX-602P on Caz Pocket Computers Collection

Simple Description.

FX-602P on RS-Key

Datasheet and forensic results. Also Available: FX-501P, FX-502P, FX-601P and FX-603P

FX-602P on ledudu.com

Simple Description, French and English.

The company which produced the FX-602P has forbidden me to use there trade mark. Well, that is fully within there right so I just comply, don't take any risks and stopped mentioning the company name all together.