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Casio FX-603P at Wikipedia

A short entry.

Casio FX-603P

This page contains quite a lot if internal informations as the FX-603P including useful PEEK and POKE command.

Sadly it is hosted on a "dodgy" server which most malware and spam filter will block. So here the address in a anti block tag: http://mitiay4.nar(remove)od.ru/fx603p_e.htm

Vintage programmable calculators

Description of FA-6 Interface's base and head unit.

Casio FX-603P on Caz Pocket Computers Collection

Simple Description.

FX-606P on RS-Key

Datasheet and forensic results. Also Available: FX-501P, FX-502P, FX-601P and FX-602P

Sound files for CASIO FX-602P

Very strange site - but it has a description on how to make a cassete interface for the FX-603P with 3 electorinc components. Cool! There are also some Survey Calculation Programs programms.


An USB-Interface for the Casio FX-850P/FX-880P - which uses the same Interface connectior as the FX-603P. The Interface itself work fine with the FX-603P and can be used with MS-Windows and Mac OS X based PC's.