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Internally the The FX-603 uses different font and font mapping from the one used in the Alpha codes. That is the first 7 bit of the coded are identical. Well, identical in a very strange form. For example the Alpha codes are in the upper half of the byte ($90 … $AF) while in the font the lower half ($30 … $4F) is used.

FX-603P charcters set
FX-603P charcters set

This font can be used by peek and poke directly to the display memory and one day the simulator will be able to do that as well.

$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F
$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F
Hex Special function
$0F exponent space
$4F space
$A0 “·” middle dot

Colour Codes #

The following colour code are used:

Normal characters.
True meaning not yet known but internally used by the Simulator.
Unused code / extra space.