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Cassette #

Like its peers the FX-603P used the Kansas City standard to store data on Tape but unlike its peers the FX-603P also supports the 1200 baud variation which can be activated with a POKE command.

Centronics #

The FX-603P supports printing on standard printer via the centronics interface. Special characters which are not supported by ASCII will be converted into character sequences. See the original manual for details.

RS-232 #

The RS-232 is the most useful interface of the FX-603P. The RS-232 can be used both for printing as well as saving and loading. There is also a low budget USB-Interface available for use with MS-Windows and Mac OS X PCs.

The File format used is plain text that is program and sata is converted from and to plain text when send or received over the RS-232 interface. This is rather amazing as it means that the small FX-603P has a text parser on board.

Special characters are converted the same way as with the centronics interface. File names are ignored. The first line of the output contains the type of data:

1st Line Description
Memory List Output of all M-Register in the usual order. That is M00 .. M09, M0F, M10 .. M19 M1F etc. pp. An extra empty line after each MF register.
Program List Output of a single program. New line inserted as with a normal printout. Program ends with the END token.
All Program List Output of all programs. New line inserted as with a normal printout. After the last program ends the END token is added.

The SAVE SEXE¬†output is just a “All Program List” followed by a “Memory List”.