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Token Codes


The following is a list of the internal steps used. The FX-602P was advertised as a calculator who fully fully merges as oposed to early programmable calculators did not merge steps and then “inv sin” would have been two steps. This is course is a great waste of – at the time – precious memory.

The FX-602P – like many modern programmable – calculators merge multiple key strokes into a single step. Each step of course equals one 8 bit value. Since the FX-602P has more then 256 operations it was not possible to merge them all into one 8 bit step. Casio decided to use 3 additional token planes which are activated by the suogates $2C, $2D and $2E. Another plane containing the alpha text is activated and deaktivated by matching pair of $2B tokens.

Standard Plane #

The standard Plane contains most of the operations and each operation from the standard plane needs only one step to be stored inside a program - This makes FX-602P programs very memory efficient as the commands from the other planes are almost never used.

$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F
$00 P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 0 1 2 3 . EXP
$10 RND0 RND1 RND2 RND3 RND4 RND5 RND6 RND7 RND8 RND9 4 5 6 7 8 9
$20 LBL0 LBL1 LBL2 LBL3 LBL4 LBL5 LBL6 LBL7 LBL8 LBL9 HLT " (alpha) +M20 +M40 +M60 +M80
$40 GSBP0 GSBP1 GSBP2 GSBP3 GSBP4 GSBP5 GSBP6 GSBP7 GSBP8 GSBP9 +/- ( ) sin cos tan
$50 X↔M00 X↔M01 X↔M02 X↔M03 X↔M04 X↔M05 X↔M06 X↔M07 X↔M08 X↔M09 * / + - = EXE
$60 Min00 Min01 Min02 Min03 Min04 Min05 Min06 Min07 Min08 Min09 GRA ISZ DSZ x=0 x=F RAN# π
$70 MR00 MR01 MR02 MR03 MR04 MR05 MR06 MR07 MR08 MR09 ISZ x≧0 x≧F xStat σn σn-1
$80 M-00 M-01 M-02 M-03 M-04 M-05 M-06 M-07 M-08 M-09 PAUSE IND SAVE LOAD MAC SAC
$90 M+00 M+01 M+02 M+03 M+04 M+05 M+06 M+07 M+08 M+09 xDEL SAC xDEL ENG← °'""← 10x ex
$A0 X↔M10 X↔M11 X↔M12 X↔M13 X↔M14 X↔M15 X↔M16 X↔M17 X↔M18 X↔M19 ABS INT FRAC sin-1 cos-1 tan-1
$B0 Min10 Min11 Min12 Min13 Min14 Min15 Min16 Min17 Min18 Min19 xy x1/y R→P P→R % invEXE
$C0 MR10 MR11 MR12 MR13 MR14 MR15 MR16 MR17 MR18 MR19 GSBP(0) X↔Y x2 1/x x!
$D0 M-10 M-11 M-12 M-13 M-14 M-15 M-16 M-17 M-18 M-19 DEG RAD GRA sinh cosh tanh
$E0 M+10 M+11 M+12 M+13 M+14 M+15 M+16 M+17 M+18 M+19 Error Error pass sinh-1 cosh-1 tanh-1
$F0 X↔MF MinF MRF M-F M+F X↔M1F Min1F MR1F M-1F M+1F AC NOP 10x C ex BST SA End of Prog
$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F

$2C: +M20 Plane #

The +M20 Plane allows access to the memory register 20 to 39. This plane also defines the FIX commands accessible the key command inv-RND-FIX-#.

$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F
$50 X↔M20 X↔M21 X↔M22 X↔M23 X↔M24 X↔M25 X↔M26 X↔M27 X↔M28 X↔M29
$60 Min20 Min21 Min22 Min23 Min24 Min25 Min26 Min27 Min28 Min29
$70 MR20 MR21 MR22 MR23 MR24 MR25 MR26 MR27 MR28 MR29
$80 M-20 M-21 M-22 M-23 M-24 M-25 M-26 M-27 M-28 M-29
$90 M+20 M+21 M+22 M+23 M+24 M+25 M+26 M+27 M+28 M+29
$A0 X↔M30 X↔M31 X↔M32 X↔M33 X↔M34 X↔M35 X↔M36 X↔M37 X↔M38 X↔M39
$B0 Min30 Min31 Min32 Min33 Min34 Min35 Min36 Min37 Min38 Min39
$C0 MR30 MR31 MR32 MR33 MR34 MR35 MR36 MR37 MR38 MR39
$D0 M-30 M-31 M-32 M-33 M-34 M-35 M-36 M-37 M-38 M-39
$E0 M+30 M+31 M+32 M+33 M+34 M+35 M+36 M+37 M+38 M+39
$F0 X↔M2F Min2F MR2F M-2F M+2F X↔M3F Min3F MR3F M-3F M+3F
$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F

$2D: +M40 Plane #

The +M20 Plane allows access to the memory register 40 to 59.

$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F
$50 X↔M40 X↔M41 X↔M42 X↔M43 X↔M44 X↔M45 X↔M46 X↔M47 X↔M48 X↔M49
$60 Min40 Min41 Min42 Min43 Min44 Min45 Min46 Min47 Min48 Min49
$70 MR40 MR41 MR42 MR43 MR44 MR45 MR46 MR47 MR48 MR49
$80 M-40 M-41 M-42 M-43 M-44 M-45 M-46 M-47 M-48 M-49
$90 M+40 M+41 M+42 M+43 M+44 M+45 M+46 M+47 M+48 M+49
$A0 X↔M50 X↔M51 X↔M52 X↔M53 X↔M54 X↔M55 X↔M56 X↔M57 X↔M58 X↔M59
$B0 Min50 Min51 Min52 Min53 Min54 Min55 Min56 Min57 Min58 Min59
$C0 MR50 MR51 MR52 MR53 MR54 MR55 MR56 MR57 MR58 MR59
$D0 M-50 M-51 M-52 M-53 M-54 M-55 M-56 M-57 M-58 M-59
$E0 M+50 M+51 M+52 M+53 M+54 M+55 M+56 M+57 M+58 M+59
$F0 X↔M4F Min4F MR4F M-4F M+4F X↔M5F Min5F MR5F M-5F M+5F
$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F

$2E: +M60 Plane #

The +M60 Plane allows access to the memory register 60 to 79.

$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F
$50 X↔M60 X↔M61 X↔M62 X↔M63 X↔M64 X↔M65 X↔M66 X↔M67 X↔M68 X↔M69
$60 Min60 Min61 Min62 Min63 Min64 Min65 Min66 Min67 Min68 Min69
$70 MR60 MR61 MR62 MR63 MR64 MR65 MR66 MR67 MR68 MR69
$80 M-60 M-61 M-62 M-63 M-64 M-65 M-66 M-67 M-68 M-69
$90 M+60 M+61 M+62 M+63 M+64 M+65 M+66 M+67 M+68 M+69
$A0 X↔M70 X↔M71 X↔M72 X↔M73 X↔M74 X↔M75 X↔M76 X↔M77 X↔M78 X↔M79
$B0 Min70 Min71 Min72 Min73 Min74 Min75 Min76 Min77 Min78 Min79
$C0 MR70 MR71 MR72 MR73 MR74 MR75 MR76 MR77 MR78 MR79
$D0 M-70 M-71 M-72 M-73 M-74 M-75 M-76 M-77 M-78 M-79
$E0 M+70 M+71 M+72 M+73 M+74 M+75 M+76 M+77 M+78 M+79
$F0 X↔M6F Min6F MR6F M-6F M+6F X↔M7F Min7F MR7F M-7F M+7F
$00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07 $08 $09 $0A $0B $0C $0D $0E $0F

Colour Codes #

The following colour code are used:

Normal token.
Synthetic / Internal Calculator code.
Unused code, true meaning not yet known.
True meaning not yet known but internally used by the Simulator.
small letters used in Xd, xdel, ar00, Min.
Displays one thing in Mode 2 and does something else in Mode 1. First function is the function shown, the second the function executed.
Displays one thing in Mode 2 does arF or ar1F in Mode 1.